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World Animation Celebration Interviews

Karen Strassman - Actress, Voice Over Artist & Voice Over Director

Karen has created over a thousand voice-over characters of all shapes, sizes, genders, ages, and species, from classic Disney princesses, to iconic villainesses, to talking jellyfish and shy tadpoles. Some of Karen’s VO credits include: Monster High, DC Super Hero Girls, Sonic (Rouge the Bat), Hellsing Ultimate (Heinkel Wolfe), Ever After High, LEGO Friends, Winx Club, Rugrats All Growed Up, Resident Evil, LEGO Dimensions, World of WarCraft (Vanessa VanCleef, Chromie), League of Legends (Casseopeia, Fiora, Shyvana, Zyra & Elise), Mortal Kombat (Kitana, Mileena), StarCraft 2 (Izsha), Street Fighter X Tekken (Poison), Fallout 4 (Overseer Barstow), Fallout: New Vegas (Beatrix), Heroes of the Storm (Chromie), Persona (Aigis, Nanako), Zero Escape (Phi), Fire Emblem (Anna, Olivia, Hana), Dead or Alive (Helena), Diablo, Final Fantasy, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Silent Hill, Halo Wars 2, Bioshock 2, Bleach (Soi Fon, Momo), Code Geass (Kallen Stadtfeld) and many, many more. Karen is also fluent in french, having lived and worked as an actress & VO artist in France for sixteen years. Some of Karen’s on camera credits include, Silicon Valley, Weeds, Criminal Minds, Workaholics, Ingress, Private Practice, I’m Sorry, Days of Our Lives, House, Desperate Housewives, Monk, Gilmore Girls, Lost…to name a few.

The World Animation Celebration                2015 Interviews 

The World Animation Celebration                2015 Pictures 

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